Wow! Vacuum Cleaner It will Fix’s your End Party!

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With this sophisticated vacuum cleaner, you can enjoy the year-end holiday quietly with friends and family. The rest of the party was ssrruuut’s your end! Net direct Powerbot blessing.

Powerbot is the latest product of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Samsung Powerbot VR9300k exact name. Vacuum cleaner has advantages of robotic full view sensor. Also the ability autopilot that can support every household has a cleanliness extras and maximum speed.

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“Through innovation that can provide convenience and make life consumers are happy, we launched a vacuum cleaner products to date. Complete with a camera sensor. Powerbot can be programmed to suck the dust itself, “said consumer Electronics Business Director of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Augustine Gunadharma, some time ago.

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Using the same brand of smartphones by Samsung Smart Home applications, the vacuum cleaner can be controlled. Plus technology visionary mapping, can do the mapping space to determine the distribution and shape of the room.

Features of the sensor can detect zones of darkness, so that automatically performs cleanup and avoid conflicts of furniture around.

There are 10 points sensors and digital cameras embedded in the device’s vacuum cleaner. With this device is able to determine the most optimal to calculate the fastest cleaning time. Asyiiik right? (Wit)

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