REI 2016-2019 Board Inaugurated, Jakarta – developer Association of Real Estate Indonesia (REI) has been changed by the event organizer national conference (National Conference) at the end of November 2016. The new leadership duo REI is Soelaeman Soemawinata and Totok lucida as chairman and secretary general replacing Eddy Hussy and Day Raharta Sudradjat.

Jump to work faster, the DPP REI’s new management under Eman, close calls Soelaeman, immediately announced the board for the period 2016-2019. “In total there are 200 board DPP REI today confirmed that the organization’s devices have complete and ready to work to push through plans and targets organizations,” Eman said the inauguration of the DPP REI in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/12).

Eman also add a new division in the cabinet namely Investment Cooperation. He saw in the era of globalization and the entry into force of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), foreign investment, especially in the property sector in must be opportunities that can expand business potential and benefits that can be taken, especially for local developers.

Foreigners entering Indonesia has definitely brought to the capital and a good working competence. Local developers should be able to take advantage of this opportunity because as a local businessman to know more about the market situation and other technical matters so that it can be used with the cooperation and maximize the role of developer of the area.

“We also took a developer of state-owned enterprises and once again to strengthen synergies and collaboration for the property industry increasingly severe challenges. To succeed would need to work together and that we will maximize particularly to spread to areas that do not Jabodetabek centric anymore, “he added.

The following board members DPP REI 2016-2019:

Chairman general: Soelaman Soemawinata

Secretary general: Totok lucida

Treasurer: Husin Widjajakusuma

Vice Chairman

field Organization and Membership: Djoko Slamet Utomo

Banking, Commercial Financing and RST: Umar Husin

Cooperation Investment: Artur MD Coal

Capital Market: Imam Sudjono

of Licensing: MT Junaidi

Land Affairs: Adri Stambul Lingga Gayo

The Tax: Budi Hermawan

Spatial Planning, Regional and Property Environmentally friendly: Today Ganie

field Inrastruktur Region: Taufik Hidayat

Infrastructure Region: Achmad Mipon

Relations Institute Executive and Legislative: Herman Heru Suprobo

Relations Judiciary and Law Enforcement: Hervian Tahir

Sector legislation and Regulation Property: Ignesjz Kemalawarta

Foreign Affairs: Rusmin Lawin

field Housing Development Prosperous Tread: Conny Lolyta Rumondor

Housing Sector medium & Large: Ariful Y. Hidayat

field of the Flats: Imran Syamnir

field of apartments: Meiko Handoyo

Apartment Management Division & Flats: Mualim Wijoyo

Sector Development Independent City and Revitalization: Mary Octo Sihombing

field Industrial Estate: Sadeni Hendarman

field Region Warehousing: Erland Satria Agung

field of Tourism & Recreation Centre: Anak Agung Made Sukadhana

field of Hospitality: Bustami Zainuddin

of Development and Business Development: Yana Mulyana

field Shopping Center and Commercial District: Stefanus Ridwan

field Office: Indra Wijaya Antono

field Communications, Promotions and Exhibitions: Ahmad Ikang Fawzi

Selanjutanya there is also the Board of Education and training chaired by MR Priyanto, Agency for Advocacy and Mediation (Juliandus Lumban Tobing), Organizational Development and Certification Agency (Amran Nukman), and Research and Development Agency (Handa Sulaiman). Meanwhile Eddy Hussy was appointed as Chairman of the Advisory Board Organization (BPO) and Day Raharta as a Member of ODS.

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