Stoves Stoves Judged More Durable Brass

Jakarta – The stove is a mandatory device in a kitchen. Different types of healthy and nutritious dishes, can be served each day. A good cooker, must not be separated from the quality of the furnace contained in the cooking utensil is.

Vice President of Customer Management Modena Indonesia, Robert Widjaja, said material brass is one of the best materials applied to the stove a stove.

“material brass has its corrosion resistant, strong, hard, and at the same time good heat conductor. Therefore, this material has an extended lifecycle compared to other materials found in the furnace stoves generally,” said Robert in a press release received, Thursday (22/12).

Furthermore, Robert said, Modena introduced a new series of planting stove, Misto series incorporates Strong Burner, furnace made from brass with qualified and durability longer warranty period.

“in terms of appearance, this stove looks pretty and elegant as wrapped with Tempered Glass with Lifetime warranty that have been tested for resistance to high temperatures. Bavel corner on tempered glass also adds to the impression of a modern, “he explained.

Hot Stove, said Robert, became available in mid-December 2016 with the official prices ranging from Rp 2.6 million to Rp 5.2 million per unit. Moreover, he continued, Modena also presents a variety of reliability features to support the efficiency and safety while cooking.

“features 3-Rings Burner is one of the mainstays to make the cooking process more quickly and optimally. In addition, the process is also easy to light the stove through the features of One Hand Ignition or pematik automatically integrated with the knob. Simply by pressing and rotating the knob only, this stove can already be switched on, “he added.

Stove planting Misto Series, continued Robert, also comes with a fruit Wok Adaptor, namely placemat furnace that can be used to cook using crock. Tatakan furnace in this series, bermaterikan steel castings (cast iron Grid). consumption of gas is more efficient thanks to the device Rectifier Heat were placed in the furnace.

“stove planting is presented for users who want harmony both in terms of quality, design, functionality, as well as the efficiency of the activities in the kitchen, “he concluded.

Feriawan Hidayat / FER

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