Floor Coverings, Elements Shaping Character room

Jakarta – At times appearing boredom with the nuances of the design of the room that’s it. Floor often be one of the elements most part rarely gets home decorating touches. In fact, through the creativity of the design, decorate the floor can be one option to provide a different atmosphere in the room.

Manager Granito Tile Studio (GTS), Kuntjoro Tjahjosarwono, say, in decorating the floor, not only the design, but in terms of comfort as well should be considered. For that, there are some things that need to be taken to ensure that the room still feels comfortable, among others, the function space, the concept of space, and spacious living room.

“The function room is noteworthy because it will affect the type of tile (tile) which will used. Whether it polished (gloss), unpolished (Matte), or rustic (rough). for example, bathroom and terrace better use of tile types unpolished or rustic on the floor for this room to interact directly with the water, “said Kuntjoro in interviews specifically with Beritasatu.com, in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/12).

in principle, further Kuntjoro, unpolished floor coverings can be used for areas that interact directly with water but with low intensity, such as terraces, garage, dry bathroom, kitchen and did not rule area in the space like a bedroom, living room or family room. While tile polished for applications where space in such a bedroom, family room, living room or bathroom wall.

“Floor coverings rustic typically used for areas exposed to water with high intensity, his goal was not slippery at the time impassable. While this type of rustic typically used for carport and bathroom wet. However, it could be for a room in the family room and bedrooms, to adapt the concept is taken, “said Kuntjoro.

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Designers Granito, M Zachri Zelhas, adding, in addition to the function space, the concept of space and the living space, will also affect the color and motif tiles that will be applied and size.

“As in the industrial style, for example, the selected color more towards monochrome with stone or cement motif with rustic tile types or unpolished. As for the size of the tiles, when the room was spacious and not too big, can use tile size 60 x 60 cm. Conversely, if large enough and wide can use the tiles size 60 x 120 cm or 80 x 80 cm, “explained Zachri.

Zachri also reminded that there are things that should be avoided when designing floor rooms were cramped and full of furniture, that is do not use the tiles are large and dark in color because it effects more narrow and feels claustrophobic.

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