Ga There was dust Missed by Vacuum Cleaner This!

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Imagine, powered suction vacuum cleaner 70 times more powerful than the conventional type, well what can be wiped clean? Objects such as hair or fur was smooth does not get caught.

Such vacuum cleaner new output capabilities of Samsung Electronics Indonesia. Full name products, Powerbot VR9300K.

Powerbot can be directed at specific points to be cleaned by using a feature point. The trick is to be directed infrared light from the remote in front Powerbot, the device will immediately follow the light and clean the area. Sophisticated right?

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“Samsung always wants to give ease of exertion and happiness of every household. We want every household has a choice to suit specific needs,” said Consumer Electronics Business Director of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Augustine Gunadharma.

Powerbot addition, Samsung also launched a variety of vacuum cleaner series, among others Powerstick VS6000, Canister VC5100K, and Canister VC4100K. This type is present adjust the character of the owner follows the interior design of the house.

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Both series have the force cyclone technology. Capable of sucking the dirt with a strong suction power and consistent. With a sleek look, Powerstick has suction power three times better than conventional stick vacuum.

While the series Canister, there are advantages bumper features S on each side. So, safe and able to protect the furniture if tersenggol other furnishings. (Wit)

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