French Build Highway World’s First Solar Panel

Tourouvre-au-Perche – Minister for the Environment France Ségolène Royal officially opened the world’s first solar street. Located in tourouvre-au-Perche, this solar-paneled road stretches 1 kilometer (km) with a total of as many as 2,990 panel solar panel.

Quoted from page inhabitat, Friday (12/23/2016), solar street was built by a construction company called Colas Wattway technology. Currently the local government is reviewing how effective this experiment for the creation of clean energy. The streets are designed to produce a force of energy that is sufficient to explain all the roads in the village with a population of 3,400 people.


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In working on this project, the French government budgeted approximately 5 million euros or Rp70,17 billion (Rp14.033 per euro reference exchange rates) only for construction. Upholstery consists of five layers including silicon for solar panels, in order to prevent damage.

Wattway expect the solar panels will generate 280 megawatt hours (MW) of electricity per year, with a daily production varies depending on the weather. The company also said it anticipates 767 kWh per day, with an electrical output of 1,500 kWh per day even during the summer.

solar road panels will be tested during two years of age and output into two main factors that should be considered. Director Jean-Charles Wattway Broizat seemed optimistic. “We are still at the experimental stage. Build a field trial of this scale is a real opportunity for our innovation. Land this trial has allowed us to improve the process of installation of photovoltaic panels as well as manufacturing, in order to continue to optimize our innovation,” he explained.

However, not all local residents pleased with the existence of the solar panels. Some of them think the government could be just wasting too much money. While the long-term French government has the main purpose of covering the highway with solar panels along 1,000 km.

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