Gini If Wants Safe and Successful When Buy Residential First

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You want to buy housing for the first time? The first step, you have to be really careful choosing a developer. If ga, imagine what if the funds to buy a house that has been hard-won and then you pick ‘evaporate’ just like that.

Do not get tempted by the offer if you have not probe the origins of the developer. Consider the following tips so that you do not become a victim of developers ‘naughty’.

Company Profile Developers

Make sure before you pay for a sign to be (booking fee), you know the company profile developers and project -it they are awake anything.

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Examine how the license allotment of land, the location permit, aspects of land use, site plan already approved, permit appointment of Land Use (SIPPT), the number of land certificates, letters of Building Permit (IMB), and a letter of Permission to Use building (IPB).

make sure the soil that will be built already in a period of maturation or stay pemacangan pole foundation.

certificate on Behalf Developers

When the initial purchase of a home, make sure the certificate is still on behalf of the developer. Make sure after the payment, a certificate on behalf of developers turned to the buyer’s name. Would be difficult to conduct resale transactions if the developer still owned status.

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Mortgage Approved Used, New Pay Down Payment (DP)

Do not until you’ve paid the DP and the rest want through mortgages or KPA, has yet to contract with the bank.

there is a possibility that the bank rejected the loan application / KPA-mu because there is less requirement. If it Gini, would bother deh you reclaim advances that have been entered.

Read Thorough Agreement Made Developers

sure in the agreement, the developers included a clause suppose he violated the agreement (default), there are compensations. Before signing the minutes of the handover, check back home you will receive in accordance with the rules of the Agreement Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA).


It is already handover the house, kamju should shift the status of the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) to Sale and Purchase Agreements (AJB). AJB with developers as legal evidence in law, land rights and buildings have already switched to the buyer.

Do not Forget Certificate Status Hak Milik (SHM)

After AJB is complete, you as the buyer gets a certificate SHGB (Certificate Broking) from developers. For house purchase, the buyer must take care of SHM, with the exception of apartments that can only be HGB (Hak Guna) because the land will not be owned.

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There Must Be Building Permit (IMB)

Previously, make sure developers have validity when starting the construction permit. If no, do occasionally try to make an advance payment to the developers.

Do not Make Deal Sale and Purchase Down Hands

If the house is to be purchased in the status of collateral in the bank, do the transfer or loan payments on bank deal. Then, create a deed of sale before a notary. (Wit)

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