Critics Apersi Million Houses Programme

JAKARTA – Developers Association of Housing and Settlements of Indonesia (Apersi) rate, up to the second year is applied, the program million homes have not effectively move home supply subsidies for low-income communities (MBR).

Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Organization (DPO) Apersi Fuad Zakaria, said the home’s actual market demand is still stable than commercial houses. However, developers are experiencing difficulties in building a house subsidy.

“In Apersi as much as 90% of our members to build low-cost housing, and we are no obstacles. In remote areas, even more able to move, unlike in Jabodetabek hard due to various problems such as the availability of land, “Fuad said in Jakarta, Wednesday (21/12).

He said, Joko Widodo government has not been serious in implementing the housing program. In fact, the flagship program has not been effective in covering the housing backlog. Fuad also assess the home’s subsidy given by the government is still small.

In addition, said Fuad, a major problem facing developers today is the availability of cheap land in major cities and the buffer. This is due to the inability of the government in control of the land for public purposes.
On the other hand, Fuad said, the nomenclature of the current administration is rated obscure functions of ministries should focus on taking care of people’s housing.

“The Ministry of public housing instead merged with public works. And if there Menpera he can focus on housing alone. Now it’s just a matter of the house taken care of echelon I. So that assets such as land could only be taken by developers of commercial houses, “he said.

Fuad outlines , since Apersi stand, subsidized home developers are already experiencing difficulty in providing housing. According to him, in 2004 the Indonesian government is targeting the construction of houses 240,000 thousand units. Nevertheless, the ability of credit funding in the State Savings Bank (BTN) is only about 180,000 units.

“Demand this housing is there. But we are going to build is not easy,” he said.

More Fuad hopes the government will soon issue regulations that could encourage developers to build low-cost housing. This rule should also be applied to local governments.

Laila Ramdhini / EDO

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