Some DPD Request Munas Apersi Repeated


Jakarta – National Conference of Housing and Developers Association of Indonesia (Munas Apersi) all V in 2016, it still leaves the deadlock.

Because, approximately 12 local boards (DPD) protesting the implementation of the General Assembly because it is considered to violate the AD / ART organization that decided to leave the courtroom (walk out) when the board agenda accountability report 2013-2016 period. In fact, a number of DPD has been voiced for the National Conference called for.

Chairman of the Council Apersi South Sulawesi (Sulawesi), Yunus Genda, say, a deadlock condition is because many violations that occurred during the National Conference. This, he said, exploited by interest groups.

“During the national conference, there were many violations committed by the chairperson and implementing the National Conference. Therefore, we declare is the implementation of the National Conference-V 2016 is invalid,” said Yunus Genda, told reporters in Jakarta, Wednesday (21 / 12).

Based on AD / ART, he added, these conditions are appropriately made the Advisory Council of the Organization (DPO) Apersi to intervene, and can hold Munaslub to menyelamat organizational conditions.

“Therefore, we hope that this stalemate is not the longest belanjut and the National Conference will be held in July 2017. This, according to the AD / ART stating Munas can be done not later than 6 months from now,” said Yunus.

Recommendation DPO

deadlock that plagued Apersi, immediately responded seriously by the Chairman of the Advisory Council Organisation (DPO) Apersi, Fuad Zakaria. According to him, this is very unfortunate, and the duty of DPO to complete.

“This condition occurs due to the lack of understanding of the relevant member of regulation. In addition, the management of the organization is currently less running and is still closed,” said Fuad.

According to him, the current impasse is presumably a result of the “game” of a handful of people. From the beginning of the General Assembly, said Fuad, it had seen no incongruity because there is one candidate who can not participate in the election actually be received by the committee netting or by the Central Board (DPP) Apersi.

“These candidates are still to be punished and deprived of management and should be forgiven once could only forward a candidate for chairman. It is no procedure in the AD / ART,” he explained.

In addition, he noted, there was a mistake in the process of the General Assembly, chairperson that there should have been five but when going to the election only two people. Fuad explained, it is not valid and error in the process of the General Assembly. Unfortunately, he said, the National Conference and the election continue to run, even though the process is not correct.

“Communication between participants of the General Assembly and the chairperson does not progress in delivering aspirations. Communication happens monologue between the participants and the Chair of the meeting, therefore partly DPD choose to walkout ,” added Fuad.

At this time, he said, was at least 8 DPD Apersi requesting re-do National Conference. “The plan, DPO will continue to coordinate and accommodate the existing entries, so it can be taken on the National Conference, can be undertaken,” added Fuad.

Feriawan Hidayat / FER


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