Rp5 Trillion Capital To Build towers

Housing-Estate.com, Jakarta – In 2017 the city government will allocate Rp 5 trillion for the construction of flats (flat). This is the highest allocation in the budget by 2017 and a record budget ever allocated for the housing sector.


“The budget for the construction of towers in 2016 amounted to 3.1 trillion. It raised up to Rp 5 trillion in addition to the infrastructure budget is too high as the provincial government’s commitment to structuring Baru Jakarta, “said Acting (Acting) Governor of Jakarta Sumarsono, at City Hall, Tuesday (20/12).

Total budget DKI Jakarta in 2017 amounted Rp70,19 trillion. Budget housing and infrastructure targets may be used to build more than 11 thousand units of flats and facilities and other supporting facilities. Some of the project is a continuation of a project last year in the form of a single project that has already begun the process of years and several multi-year auction. With the legalization budget already in 2017 is expected to be immediately absorbed by the working unit (SKPD) so that in January 2017 was able to work right away.

Sumarsono mention the size of the budget of the towers aim to organize and realize urban New Jakarta. He pointed to arrange riverbank province should prepare to relocate residents of towers. “Before the demolition should be prepared first place of relocation, we count it takes more than 11 thousand units,” he said.


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