DPO Apersi Prepare Munaslub Post Deadlock

NEWS PROPERTIES – National Conference of the Association of Real Estate Development and Settlement Indonesia (Munas Apersi) all V which took place at the Hotel Kartika Chandra, Jakarta, which was held late last week still leaves standoff.

Section, about 12 board area ( DPD) protesting the implementation of the General Assembly because it is considered to violate the AD / ART organization that decided to leave the courtroom (walk out) when the agenda accountability report caretaker period 2013-2016.

These problems are addressed by the Chairman of the consultative council of the organization (DPO) Apersi Fuad Zakaria. According to him, this incident is very unfortunate and it is the duty of the DPO to finish it because I am also the founder Apersi.

Further from the beginning of the General Assembly Fuad already see there is a peculiarity because there is one candidate who was not able to participate in the election to be accepted by committee crawl or central executive board (DPP) Apersi. “These candidates are still to be punished and deprived of management and should be forgiven once could only go forward cadi prospective chairman. There are rules in the AD / ART, “said Fuad.

Pursuant to Article 18 Paragraph 1 (F) AD / ART Apersi mentioned requirements caketum to be selected as Chairman of the DPP Apersi should never removed from the management at the DPP and DPD whether by reason of violation of the AD / ART, regulatory organizations, as well as the provision of other organizations.

in addition there is an error in the process of the General Assembly, chairperson that there should have been five but when going to the election only two people. Fuad explained, is not valid, this error in the process of the General Assembly, but the General Assembly and the election continue to run even though the process is not correct.

“Communication between participants of the General Assembly and the Chair of the meeting did not go in expressing their aspirations. Communication monologue between the participants and the Chair of the meeting, therefore partly DPD walkout, “said Fuad.

Currently, there are 8 DPD Apersi who requested the General Assembly repeated and plans DPO will continue to coordinate and accommodate the existing entries so that it is feasible to do munas , Meanwhile Jonah Genda DPD Apersi Sulsel see munas condition is indeed dead end because it runs undue and character monologues.

“Many peculiarity and not according to the rules of the organization and we are not comfortable following the General Assembly. So we opted for the walkout and forward the matter to the DPO. According to AD / ART, Article 19 and Article 20, if the deadlock will be taken by the DPO. Could there be held Munaslub, “said Yunus.

Based on AD / ART, this condition is proper conduct DPO DPO munas back under control. “For that, I hope, in this chaos and longest belanjut not be done in July 2017 and this fit the mandate of AD / ART, do not later than 6 months from now,” said Fuad.


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