Top 10 Most Sustainable Cities in the World

Jakarta, mpi-update. Indeed recent issue of environmental friendliness began to attract attention of the international community, the condition of the earth that are increasingly unhealthy make many nagara vying implemented various policies that can make back beautiful environment.

Portal global property Lamudi summarizes the 10 cities the greenest in the world following:


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, the local community is very concerned about the beauty of the environment, so it’s no wonder there you will see many people passing by to use bicycles instead of using a motor vehicle. There were also very clean canal so it can be used to paddle. Clean and green city because it’s no wonder local government targets to Copenhagen as the capital of the country with the level of carbon neutral by 2025.


Vancouver is a city in the west of Canada, Government of Canada, Vancouver made a model city in terms of providing a source of renewable energy. The city also has 200 city parks which can make people get a supply of clean air.


Amsterdam has now prepared masterplan friendly city environments. The city center will be to have a new park, a food market, eco-friendly transportation in order to reduce the adverse effects of pollution.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, the city has been designing and constructing green buildings that are environmentally friendly. The city also has many canals cleaner that can be used for travel.


Singapore became one of the cleanest cities in Asia, the city authorities have a very strong commitment to creating a green and clean environment, Such as one made of tall trees called Supertree, artificial trees as tall as 50 meters has excellent benefits to collect rain water and soak up the sunshine. In addition the city also has many green buildings one of which is the SkyPark, which is an extensive garden with a length of 340 meters above the Marina Bay


Portland became one of the greenest cities in America, the city became the first to apply the concept of environmentally friendly green building by constructing buildings. The city government has also been trying hard to educate its citizens to care for the environment one of them to ban the use of plastic bags and as well as carpooling campaign to reduce vehicle pollution.


Oslo is the capital of Norway, the city has long been known as a green city, the level of greenhouse gas emissions there was very low. 85 percent of school children there go to school on foot, there have been more pleased masyarat activity kendaan menggunaka general.


Freiburg is a city located on the western tip of Germany, the majority of the people there prefer to use public transport rather than using private vehicles. Since the number of onerous regulatory someone to use private vehicles, such as expensive vehicle tax to cars banned from parking in downtown. The city is also a lot of buildings are solar panels that can reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent.


Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, more than 50 years the city has been reducing dependence on fossil fuels and replace them with renewable natural resources. Reykjavik is also known as the pioneer city power utilization of geothermal energy, or geothermal energy for space heating homes and others. The city government is also very focused on reducing pollution and preserving green space.


The capital of Germany is also very concerned about the environment, the people of Berlin prefer to use bicycles instead of private cars as a means of transportation. The city also has created a water system of the city is very good, by creating a green roof system and a pool that can menampun rainwater which is then directed into channels that can be used to supply water to the bathroom or help extinguishing the fire.

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