How Sih, Create Sustainable Christmas Tree? Here, There Tips (Part 1)

Illustration (Rumah123 / Elledecor)

Ahead of Christmas, the National Christmas Tree Association to launch if there are 29 million homes in the United States that will display a Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is certainly a pine tree native and not the imitation tree. When displaying a pine tree native as a Christmas tree, of course, there is homework to be done so that these trees remain preserved.

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So how ya make Christmas tree last for some time. Let’s look at the following tips from Elledecor.

First, the selection of trees. Mark Derowitsch of the Arbor Day Foundation states the best way to make sure the tree is still good comes from local plantations.

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“There is a guarantee of a tree fresh. Also will cut shipping costs, including reducing carbon emissions from delivery tree between regions.

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If you buy a tree from a local plantation , choose organic trees to help reduce the use of pesticides.

Meanwhile, if you choose to buy a tree from the store, wondering how the tree is grown and where it comes from. Do not forget to check out the tree, whether it is still pliable, the tree should not dry and hard.

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Second, the handling of the tree. After buying the tree, do not forget to immediately handle. Tchukki Andersen from the Tree Care Industry Association said that the tree should be wrapped in plastic for protection when brought home.

This is important because after the cut, the tree must be conditioned in a fresh state when brought home.

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Review about how to make a Christmas tree continues to remain durable know, subsequent follow in subsequent writings.

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