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Jakarta – At times appearing boredom with the nuances of the design of the room that’s it. Floor often be one of the elements most part rarely gets home decorating touches. In fact, through the creativity of the design, decorate the floor can be one option to provide a different atmosphere in the room.

Regarding the issue decorating floor room with floor coverings comfortable, Designers Granito, M Zachri Zelhas, suggests, this type of floor coverings ( tiles) to be applied also adapted to existing spaces. The reason, he added, any floor covering certainly have different characteristics.

“As the tile type Salsa Crystal Aluminum size 60×60 cm for example, fits on the living room area. If the living room has a barrier to the other room and enough size wide, can use the tiles of type Salsa Crystal Aluminum 60×60 cm or with the type of Arezzo Palazzo 60×60 cm and can be combined with standard 120×120 cm Mosaic, “said Zachri, in a special interview with Beritasatu.com, in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/12).

for bedrooms, further said Zachri, as rooms that reflect the character or personality of the homeowner, the type of tile used can vary.

“for a child’s bedroom, for example, can use the Salsa Crystal Pearl White 60×60 cm combined with the type Modular and Inspire. for the bedroom adult, use tile neutral colors like Palazzo Palermo 60x60cm order to fit in with the concept of anything, “added Zachri.

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Another case, family room as a gathering place for the whole family with lots of activities to do here. Thus, an effect also on the types and varying the amount of furniture in this room.

“Therefore, in the family room are advised to use the tiles and polished with a neutral color, such as Salsa Crystal Frost White 60×60 cm, Aurora Silk 60×60 cm or Palazzo Estate 60×60 cm. However, it is possible tile unpolished also be used in a family room. If the concept is taken style industrial, type Salsa Oasis Pearl White 60×60 cm or Salsa Oasis Aluminum 60×60 cm could be an option, “added Zachri.

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