Denpasar City Buildings Have Rules Provisions


Denpasar – City Government (City Government) Denpasar has determined that each agency would build should refer to the rules as mandated by the Act (Act) No. 28 of 2002 on Building.

“Every agency will construct the building should be based on existing rules, so once stood the building has no problems in society,” said Head of Spatial Planning and Housing Denpasar, Made Kusuma Diputra, in Denpasar, on Thursday (22 /12).

He said, Denpasar Government continue to disseminate about the layout, as is done on Wednesday (21/12), which aims to make people understand the rules on the administration building in the city of Denpasar.

With that understanding, said Kusuma Diputra, expected building or buildings in the city of Denpasar has character creative design. In addition, this regulation also used reference for related local government offices in implementing the orderly administration and technical operation of the building both in the planning, licensing, implementation, monitoring, and control and maintenance.

Diputra Kusuma said that this regulation can be implemented with a perfect form of additional regulations are needed Denpasar Mayor Regulation.

“Today, we got assistance legislation implementing the Building of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing will construct Perwali IMB, SLF and Data Collection Building with results Perwali draft form,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Regional Secretary Denpasar Anak Agung Rai Iswara said the conduct of the building needs to be regulated and supervised to realize building a reliable, local cultural identity in a creative, harmonious, and in harmony with the environment.

Therefore, he said, setting the building should refer legislation to guarantee legal certainty and the rule of law in the administration building.

Rai Iswara says must meet the requirements of the administrative and technical buildings contained in Denpasar City Regulation No. 5, 2015.

“We sincerely hope that in this socialization can be understood the essence of the rules of this building both the requirements of administrative and technical requirements to ensure security and the rule of law in the administration building,” he said.

He said that by understanding these rules may be easier to exercise supervision and control of development in the city of Denpasar.

“So it can realize the buildings are a reflection of the face of Denpasar can have a distinctive design character with its cultural identity, reliably, and in harmony with the environment,” he said.




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