If Architects Gather, This is their Chat!

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Some architects gathered at Jag’s Kitchen, Jakarta, on Thursday (22/12). Aja ya doing them?

Oh, apparently there was a discussion themed Eco-Local. Sigit Kusumawijaya Architect, Architect and Principal Sigit Kusumawijaya Urbandesigner (GIS) to introduce a concept of urban farming (agriculture in urban areas). This concept became his next project in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

With limited land, we can optimize the space. One of them is the roof area (rooftop) can be used as a garden. So, the garden is not only on the ground floor only. But, also in the area of ​​rooftop and some spots are arranged vertically. Verticulture method or the vertical garden can be selected.

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In the long term, Sigit believes the concept of urban farming aims to popularize a healthy lifestyle. You do this by planting crops (vegetables, medicines, fruits).

While the architects of BEstudio, Erick Budhi, in a project called A9 (Eco-House) adding green coverage in the roof garden. The reason, reduce the heat higher temperatures that often occur in urban areas than in rural areas.

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“Roof garden is an area for gardening. While reducing the heat island effect of the emergence of this building to the surrounding environment, “he said.

The principle of environmentally friendly on the governance of natural light is applied architect Michael J Brohet on the project, Stilt House 2. Adapted from Minahasa traditional dwelling, dwelling in land 7×20 meter that has a large opening on four sides.

Over the wall of a residential building not attached to the wall of a neighbor, a light and natural air could get into the house well.

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Similar to Michael, architect Noerhadi of RDMA try traditional residential creation betang Dayak. Inspired by the shape of the stage house, he hopes to minimize moisture.

maximize cross ventilation airflow betang it. Not only inside, but also on the outside of the building. Through the down side, the air flow to make more comfortable the occupants.

The use of local materials in the vicinity of the site of the building, is also one way of approach to architectural design “eco” in order to reduce its carbon footprint.

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“Expression material forming space using materials market without a new identity, such as brick, adobe filigree, stone, plaster aci exposed, wood, steel and tile soil clay, “said architect Moreids from Yogyakarta, Farrizky.

Expression material thus, according to him, makes familiar because it was formed so long in Yogyakarta.

While the architect Andi Pratama boldly juxtaposing elements contradictory between modern and traditional local architecture.

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another with residential projects in Kukusan, Depok, principal ANDP. This architect stacking the box to the exterior of the building. The addition of the glass material so it looks modern.

However, when entering the building, residents can sense the locality is quite strong with the use of furniture predominantly of wood materials and synthetic wicker. (Wit)


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