Indonesia Infrastructure Need 20 Years Forward, Why Ya?

Illustration. However, unfortunately, the availability of infrastructure in Indonesia is still minimal. As a result, economic growth is still running slow if not want practically stagnant.

According to World Bank, Indonesia took 20 years to be relevant to the existence of infrastructure Asian countries more.

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Meanwhile, Bank Indonesia (BI) noted that Indonesia’s economic growth until the third quarter of 2016, the figure of 4.9 per cent year on year (yoy). Despite the increase over the previous year by 4.73 percent (yoy).

The slowdown caused by weak growth in investment and government consumption. The realization of infrastructure projects and the behavior of the wait (wait and see) private investors, also encourages the weakening construction investment.

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In the program nawacita, infrastructure development a priority. Therefore, the government issued two legal instruments as the cornerstone.

First, government regulation No. 3 in 2016, about the accelerated implementation of the National Strategic Project (PSN). Second, Presidential Instruction No. 1 in 2016, which instructed the heads of relevant agencies to play a role in accelerating the implementation of PSN.

Publishing both legal instrument indicates the amount of attention and the seriousness of the government to realize the establishment of PSN.

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the realization was, among others, the construction of an international airport or seaport or pioneers. This is useful for national connectivity through air transportation network, marine, highway and railway lines.

However, in the development, construction PSN in some areas are still constrained by land issues. Lack of coordination between stakeholders and conflicting interests make problem solving more protracted land. (Wit)

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