How Sih, Create Sustainable Christmas Tree? Here, There Tips (Part 3)

Illustration (Rumah123 / Elledecor)

The pine tree is used as a Christmas tree should be given water to keep them fresh, though not necessarily get more nutrients.

It was discussed in the previous article. Then let alone ya reviewed in the cover article of this?

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Fifth, the placement of trees. Keep the tree away from direct sunlight, heating or fan. All this will speed up the drying process tree.

Tchukki Andersen from the Tree Care Industry Association netted use tools to moisturize the room. It can make the tree can be refreshed in the long term.

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Do not forget also about the risk of fire. Make sure when installing the lights on the Christmas tree with lights displaying great and is designed to display a Christmas tree.

The latest LED lamp is actually not too expensive and can be used repeatedly. Nice lights also reduce fire factor because it does not heat up quickly.

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Sixth, clearing trees. Once Christmas is over, do not forget to clean up and dispose of the tree. If the tree can be recycled.

Well, the reviews to make a Christmas tree stays fresh is over. If applicable, the tree usually can stay fresh for a month or more.

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