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Jakarta – Although the new year is still nine days away, but the PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) have determined the direction of his work in 2017. That is, the project will focus on completing the assignment Asian Games 2018. At the end of this year , the work of three assignments Jakarta government to Jakpro namely Velodrome, Equestrian and the LRT has been increased massively.

Managing Director (CEO) of PT Jakpro, Satya Heragandhi, say, towards the end of this year all the project goes forward. Lastly, he added, tillers LRT Jakarta is already ready and step on the gas.

“Likewise Velodrome faster pengerjaanya about 3 percent of the target, and the Equestrian also continue to run. It’s been our focus, in the next year,” said Satya in Media Gathering along with Koordinatoriat Reporters City Hall, Office Jakpro, Thamrin City, Central Jakarta, Thursday (22/12).

Satya explained, after getting the tenants LRT Jakarta Wika, then this rail-based transportation projects soon enter the physical work. Projects with a value of around Rp 5.2 trillion, would be stepped physical completion of the work. “Work P 101 has been completed, and continued P 102. We expect this project to run smoothly,” he said.

Two other projects, added Satya, Velodrome and Equestrian keep walking. For Velodrome already reached above the target of 9 percent or more rapid progress than the target of 6 percent. Meanwhile, for the dexterity equestrian facilities, has also been approved by the FEI and the design of the preliminary work has been completed. “So, three projects remain on schedule and will continue to be pursued,” he said.

In addition, he continued, the assignment of no less importance that the provision of waste management in the city known Intermediate Treatment Facility (ITF). Jakpro also get partner convincing that Fortum of Finland for the project ITF Sunter.

By the same land, about 3 hectares, can be maximized for processing waste with a volume of up to 2,000-3,000 tonnes per day. “This is much higher than the previous plan which is only capable of processing about 1000 tons,” he said.

Then, Jakpro through its subsidiary, PT Jakarta Utilities Propertindo (Jup) continues to add SPBGs which has now reached 10 locations. By doing so, Jup as market leader in the supply of gas fuel stations in Jakarta.

“Jup continue to add SPBGs and open to the acquisition of other SPBGs. Moreover, not only the energy sector, the supply of drinking water was also hailed by Jup with WTP development,” he explained.

subsidiary Jakpro, added Satya, for infrastructure such as PT Jakarta Infrastructure Propertindo (JIP), which began to cultivate the fields of business fiber optic backbone and MenaraTelekomunikasi.

“Now it JIP wrestle effort fiber optic and tower telko, and for the next expected next year plunge in investment. This was done, with no override attempt toll positioned inside and outside the city of Jakarta,” he said.

Lenny Tristia Tambun / FER



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