Artotel Sanur Achieves “Best Modern Design Awards” 2016


Jakarta – Corporate hospitality management that focus on hotel design concept inspired by the artwork, Artotel Indonesia, announced the awards received by Artotel Sanur as Best Modern Hotel Design 2016 in Mowilex event-Style & Decor Commercial Design Award by Style & Decor Magazine.

Indonesia Artotel CEO, Erastus Radjimin, said it welcomed this award and would appreciate a token of appreciation given by Mowilex-Style & Decor Commercial Design Award.

“This award is the first award won by Artotel Sanur after this hotel operates in April 2016. This course provides a pride for us and as a sign of appreciation were received well by the community over the presence Artotel in Bali,” said Erastus Radjimin , in a press release received, Thursday (22/12).

Artotel Sanur election as Best Design Awards 2016 for successfully fulfilling aspects into award evaluation criteria which consists of the concept of the project, environmental friendliness, local culture, aesthetic value, and color harmony.

In this case, Artotel Sanur has a strong local culture concept, which raised the local cultural wisdom Sanur, Kite Festival. Interior elements in each unit room, geometric shapes of furniture, division of grout on the floor, up to the building’s facade Artotel Sanur using screen module inspired by the shape of the kite.

workmanship architectural and interior, Artotel Sanur collaborate with Studio Watch, a local architect’s office in Indonesia.

Feriawan Hidayat / FER


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