End of Year Exhibition, Buy House Berhadiah Mobil

KUPANG, KOMPAS.com – Real Estate Indonesia (REI) East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), an exhibition of the property late December 2016.

Unmitigated, one car prize given directly to home buyers home store types ( shop).

in addition to the prize car, the expo held in Lippo Plaza Kota Kupang from 23 December until 31 December 2016, there are also gifts of motorcycles, televisions, refrigerators and filter clean water.

Chairman of the Board (DPD) REI NTT, Bobby Pitoby said the gift is given in order to share the love to all the people of NTT in the atmosphere of Christmas.

“Many of the gifts given by housing developers. Gift car for example, immediately awarded without the lottery. So if you buy 10 shops, will be 10 cars. if you buy a house type 65 prize motorcycles, televisions and refrigerators, “said Bobby, in Kupang, Friday (12/23/2016).

According to Bobby, of the 12 companies participating in the exhibition, there are 18 residential location. Most are in the city of Kupang and Kupang regency.

While the rest in Belu, Timor Tengah Selatan, Rote Ndao and Central Sumba.

“We do not just sell the house, but to educate the public about the program million house with subsidies, “added Bobby.

The exhibition of this house is fully supported by the Regional Development Bank NTT.

prices rose

Bobby said, beginning January 1, 2017, the price of houses cost for low-income communities (MBR) scheme housing financing liquidity facility (FLPP) rose by 5 percent.

previously, house prices FLPP for MBR approximately USD 133.5 million. Now turned into a USD 141 million.

“The rise in house prices it is appropriate decision of the Minister of Finance,” he said.

Bobby wished, the exhibition home later this year could make a significant contribution to the motion to lay off people Kupang .


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