Ga Mau Scorched Booking Fee, Kan?

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In the process of purchasing property transactions, prospective buyers often give money sign so (booking fee). When off to buy, usually the earnest money would “burn” or no return.

Clear can buy from the prospective buyer, can also be from the developer. Cancellation can be unilateral, either by the prospective buyer and the developer.

However, the more tragic when the foundation of the building there was no sign will be built alias fictitious. Certainly disappointed prospective buyers.

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To prevent that, the prospective buyer should find out detailed information related to the property that is to be purchased. The origins of the developer, legality, location, amenities, and access.

Ensure access to the convenient location of the property. Including the availability of public transport and good infrastructure, there is also the station and the bus terminal. Indeed, many developers offer cheap housing prices, but access to the location so difficult.

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So, before you pay the money sign so, consider also the cost of the others that you still have to spend. Cicilanmu including payment arrears in addition to the property. This is when you pay through a mortgage (mortgage) or the Apartment Ownership Loan (KPA).

Try to communicate to the bank to calculate the cost and what needs to be paid. The magnitude of the mortgage process costs ranging between 5-7 percent of the credit limit disbursed by the bank. The cost of the mortgage will be issued when the implementation of the credit agreement.

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Other costs include, Value Added Tax (VAT), Customs Acquisition Rights Land and Building (BPHTB), Certificate of Land Ownership (SHM) or Certificate of Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB), Building Permit (IMB), Sale and Purchase Agreements (AJB), transfer duties (BBN), and Installation of electricity (PLN) and water resources (PAM).

coordinate with the developer concerning payment policy. Each developer adheres to the different policies related to payment of the booking fee. At least you can minimize losses due to scorching of the booking fee. (Wit)

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