For the sake of justice, the Government of Papua New Build Train

JAKARTA, – amid massive railway infrastructure development by the government. This infrastructure was built in Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

No exception to the easternmost part of Indonesia, namely Papua, also “sprayed” the construction of the railway.

“The political decision should build a railroad for social justice, “said the Presidium of the Indonesian Transportation Society Soegeng Purnomo during discussions Transportation Outlook 2017, in Jakarta, Thursday (22/12/2016).

According to him, the real needs of the railway in Papua was not urgent as in Java and Sumatra.

With a population that is very little, which is 2.5 million, an average of every city in Papua inhabited only 100,000 inhabitants.

Therefore, Soegeng see a train in Papua will only be a spectacle for passengers slightly.

on the other hand, he added, the construction of this railway is legitimate considering Papua is contributing revenue for Indonesia as a whole.

“his name also equity, they left behind but more prosperous than us, “said Soegeng.

Citing Between, train in Papua exactly it will be built in West Papua and consists of three stages.

the first phase of the ground plan Ayamaru Sorong, Manokwari Bintuni bay. Strip-Ayamaru Bintuni Bay will be built later because of the local topography mountainous and relatively difficult.

Overall, Manokwari-Sorong trace length to 390 kilometers. While the development targets of phase one and two trains of West Papua will be implemented between 2015 until 2019.


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