Break Long Has Arrived, Burglar and Fire Alert!

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Christmas and New Year holiday is in sight, most people would tend to use for a long vacation. Moreover, there are some companies dismiss all employees until early 2017.

Well, if you have a long holiday, obviously many decided to vacation outside the city and even abroad. The house is occupied, of course might be empty is not it? Before the holiday, make sure a few things to be safe:

Turn off the water and GasSebelum go on vacation, check out deh parts of the kitchen. Make sure the gas hose or regulator gas released during traveling to be safe and protected from fire hazards. And check tap water, there may be a leak. If using a water pump, should be removed only from the outlet.

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Turn on Electronic Devices are Important SajaKulkas it was definitely going to work continue, if not the ingredients in it will rot. Make sure the lamp is also lit up, of course, to prevent thieves.

Smart HomeZaman today’s technology, many uses smart home devices that can be accessed simultaneously be controlled remotely. Typically apartment, many are equipped with this technology. Be sure to also install CCTV.

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Secure Goods BerhargaSebelum travel, be sure valuables such as jewelry or money is not left at home. You can store them in a safe deposit box at a bank.

Leave the house To the One Can DipercayaApabila No contacts are to be believed, does not hurt to leave the house to him. It could also be entrusted to families who do not vacation anywhere. Do not forget to tell the security officer or head of RT if you’re away for a long time. Maling usually good marks abandoned house, you know.

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