How Sih, Create Sustainable Christmas Tree? Here, There Tips (Part 2)

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Earlier, in the first article, discussed the tree selection and handling of a Christmas tree. In choosing a tree is to be the best, while handling must be done after the purchase.

Next, we will discuss whether the trees need to be watered and well nourished? Need or do not ya?

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Third, give water. Give water intake on the tree. Either by being made to stand or put the tree in a bucket, of course, if the tree is not installed soon.

The bottom of the tree should not be dry, of course, in order to keep the tree fresh. A number of research conducted several universities in the United States confirmed it.

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There are several types of pine trees that can absorb water in large quantities. Well, this requires further treatment.

Then when the trees will be used and decorated, but it was dry, make some holes and fill with water.

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Fourth, provide nutritional intake of food. Mark Derowitsch of the Arbor Day Foundation said in fact it was not necessary, especially if giving intake strange.

Tchukki Andersen from the Tree Care Industry Association tells that many use additives that are put into the water when watering the trees.

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there are entering corn syrup, or sugar, there are even taking headache medications aspirin so the trees can be durable.

By the way, there are two tips you know the sequel. So do not miss the writing cover how membauat Christmas trees remain preserved.

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