Holiday Tips: Fun ideas to spend the long weekend at home – Do you already have a plan where to spend a long weekend this time? If not, and planning to spend the holidays at home, here are some activities you can do to make your vacation enjoyable.

Renovation of the house

Bored with the look of the house today? This is the right time to enhance the look of your home. You can paint the walls or fences, change the design of the room in the house or fix a leaky ceiling. With so time your vacation more enjoyable.

Hold bazaar preloved

Got a lot of goods that are not your but still in good condition? why not try to hold bazaar preloved alone? Not only fun, with this bazaar you can earn additional income.

Recycle junk at home

Have a lot of junk in the house? Take advantage of unique items and just be helpful. Starting from the former table, the former chair, books, bottles, jars former until the former cookware can you recycle. Well, besides you can use to decorate the house, you can also sell tablets.

Develop a hobby

You can also take advantage of the long holiday is to develop a hobby that you have tablets. For example if you have a hobby of drawing, it would not hurt for you to develop. This activity is great for your career going forward. In addition, if you are a good painting, of course you can also sell it not?


The next activity that you can do to fill the holiday home is by gardening. If you land on the home page area, why not be used for gardening. Useful addition, gardening also makes you more efficient.

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