Unveiling home? Turns Cool Also Lho

Unveiling design house Atelier Fala, Portugal (Rumah123 / Dezeen)

studio apartment seemed normal. A spacious open-plan room and there’s only bathroom that has a dividing wall.

However, what about the house without insulation? Maybe this is unusual because it is less prevalent especially if home in Indonesia.

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The house has a bulkhead in the form of a wall or partition which separates one room to another room. Meanwhile, if no screen?

A house without insulation proven to be attractive also know, as designed by the architectural firm from Portugal, Fala Atelier.

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Initially, an area of ​​200 square meters is a workshop that was transformed into a house without a bulkhead.

the young couple from Portugal ask Fala Atelier to convert the garage into a place to stay open. Incidentally the couple does have limited funds.

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Request This unusual can be realized by Fala Atelier by making a place to stay cool.

there are no walls in this house to show the living room, family room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen. To mark the service area such as the kitchen and the dining room is just the marble table as a kitchen area.

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Fala Atelier install bulky and thick curtains as a room divider. When you wish to no separation rooms, spread the curtains. Conversely, if you want the room look spacious, pull the curtains to the edge.

Well, you want to have a spacious house like this? Nothing wrong with taking an idea from design house Atelier Fala this.

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You only need to install large and thick curtain as a divider or partition to separate function room house. Easy huh?


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