6 Easy Steps Change Home New Year’s Eve atmosphere

Housing-Estate.com, Jakarta – 2016 will soon leave behind and treading new year 2017. In addition to making resolutions and planning to welcome the new year, it is good also to change the interior of the house in order to get a new atmosphere which will make occupants more eager for next year .

There are several things you can do to get a new atmosphere in your home. There are six steps to change the look of the interior of the house as guides online sites Fabelio interior and furniture. Here are 6 steps.

Create Planning

It is permissible for us to think like an interior design and play with imagination in our minds. If necessary, make a rough sketch to illustrate the idea of ​​structuring the new space that is approximately unsightly and in accordance with the area of ​​the room and everything that was in the room. Adjust, adjust, readjust until we get a feel of the fitting according to the taste and our taste.

Get rid of Goods Not Important

Unconsciously many among us who still keep a variety of packaging and wrapping various furnishings we buy. For example cardboard packaging wrapper TV or other electronic devices. By getting rid of “junk” is only guaranteed change will start to be seen: the room a more airy and clean.

Maximize Consignment

With a little creativity, the items in point 2 which should be disposed of can still be reused to obtain different functions. Eg TV boxes can be used for storage containers of toys to reinforce the bottom of the box using duck tape. Wrap again the exterior with wrapping paper various motives, we get the storage area is gorgeous without having to get out a lot of costs.

Move While Fill Cabinet Or Shelf

Remove the entire collection of glassware, books, electronic equipment, hobby, and so on. This prevents the emptying of our furniture being damaged and prevent damage to a variety of furniture that we put in it. Tata back the whole closet, keep what is still needed and waste that are not needed.


Notice that the way to move furniture that weight by using a mat or towel on one side so as not to scratch the floor , This method also can reduce the erosion of furniture. Make sure the furniture is empty when it is moved.

Clear Part Hidden

Moving furniture also allows us to clean the house that had been closed were generally become a den dirty and damp. Not infrequently covered furniture parts also left a different color paint, cleaned, repainted when necessary to do to get better results.


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