Fun, Jasa Marga Highway Condition Application Launch!

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Along with the rapid development of digital technology and the increasing information needs of users of toll roads, Jasa Marga JMCARe launch the application before the long holiday of Christmas 2016 and New Year 2017.

the application can be downloaded starting on Friday (23/12) in the Android-based phones (Play Store), while for iOS devices (App Store) can only be downloaded as of 1 January next year.

“applications that can be downloaded for free this is still being developed. To improve service to road users in preparing and anticipating the trip, “said AVP Corporate Communication of PT Jasa Marga (Persero), Dwimawan Heru, through a press release on Thursday (22/12).

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Application JMCARe has two main features that can be selected by road users, namely notification and information. Based notification feature is push notification message using GPS on a mobile riders. Function is to provide information traffic situation on the motorway in real time.

Then, feature information, road users can get information about the motorway through the call center Jasa Marga Traffic Information Center (JMTIC), social media Twitter and streaming CCTV motorway.

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In the near future, Jasa Marga planning a to add other complementary features, among others, Smart Assistance, provides the fastest alternative route is selected. There is also a demand for a tow truck, road users can request a tow to the location of the nearest exit.

Do not miss report of road users, accommodate the needs of road users in conveying information related to toll roads such as accidents and service facilities. (Wit)

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