Like What Sih, Last Christmas Barack Obama in the White House?

US President Barack Obama will still occupy the White House (White House) until January 2017.

Obama and family still celebrate Christmas last at the White House that they occupy the last eight years.

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Christmas scene in 2016 at the White House, Washington DC is The Gift of the Holidays. Ahead of Christmas, the White House was decorated with various ornaments.

There is a replica of the family dog ​​Obama sized, Sunny and Bo are made of 25,000 rolls of wool.

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Then there are also houses in the style of gingerbread made by Lego and amounted to 56, according to the number of states and territories other property of the United States.

replica gingerbread shaped The White House also placed in the state dining room. This replica consists of 68 kg of gingerbread, 45 kg of bread, nine kg of sweets, nine kg of ice, and nine kg of sugar formed small.

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There was a Christmas tree measuring 5.7 meters installed in the Blue Room. The tree is decorated with ornaments of silver and gold.

In several other rooms, one of them in the lobby of the White House East section 8000 installed tape. While in the area of ​​Center Hall, 6000 ornaments shining.

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All the rooms and lobby the White House is always decorated ahead of Christmas. Well, turns out Obama and family last Christmas is still lively.

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