Crop Creep For Covering the facade of a house? See Homes Dong

The house in Vung Tau, Vietnam (Rumah123 / Dezeen)

You can put the plant outdoors as greening and beautifying the home garden in front, side, or rear.

Plants can also be placed in the room. Besides beautify the interior space, also make the home look natural.

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Ever wondered if placing plants on the facade of the house, of course, to put the vines .

the house is located in the city of Vung Tau, Vietnam could be an inspiration if you can put the vines to cover the outside of the house.

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House single storey modern minimalist design, designed by the architectural firm of Vietnam, MIA Design Studio with lead architect Nguyen Hoang Manh.

There are three parts of the house. Homeowners want a natural part of separation, have privacy, yet natural look.

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Vines was placed mainly on the side of the house and the fence next to the house. Vines mounted on the rear of the house.

The existence of the vines is indeed to protect the privacy of residents, a little blocking sunlight, dampen noise from the outside, while protecting the house from dust.

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Well, a lot of the usefulness of these vines? But before you apply it to your home, remember a lot of things.

Do not forget to take care of these vines. Make sure the plant is not too thick so that it covered the house from the sun.

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Make sure the plants do not disturb the neighbors. You should also routinely flush and trim.

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