Granito Set Release Three New Surface

Jakarta – PT Granitoguna Building Ceramics (Granito) take advantage of the rampant growth of the property sector nationwide to prepare the release of three new products in the next year.

Manager Granito Tiles Studio (GTS), Kuntjoro Tjahjosarwono, said the development of the property sector and residential indeed bring a tremendous impact on product demand homogenous tile.

“Therefore, we set up three surface (display surface) through new touch variant, stone and dune, which will be launched in March 2017. the concept, half rustic and half-polished with a size of 60×60 cm, “said Kuntjoro, in a special interview with, in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/12).

in total, he said, of the three surface will be launched, there will be 12-15 colors that can be used as a guide for consumers. “Until now, we continue to set up a third production process of new surface which will be released to the market,” he added.

Alluding to the level of demand for the product Granito, said Kuntjoro, is quite high. “The majority of demand, around 70 percent comes from the retail segment and 30 percent of the project. As for the type, size 60×60 cm become the first choice of consumers,” he said.

Further, Kuntjoro explained, it expects to achieve growth sales in 2017, amounts to 8 percent.

“one of the strategic step taken is to increase the number of agents and provide services of interior design professionals. the goal is, to answer the needs of people who experience obstacles in designing the desired interior , “he added.

Feriawan Hidayat / FER

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