Soelaeman Stalled Project Hope N, Jakarta – Chairman of REI Soelaeman Soemawinata recognize the business challenges ahead increasingly heavy property. The economic conditions are not stable, regulatory and licensing will still be a chore facing developers.

Soelaeman Soemawinata

“The challenges of industrial property ahead is still heavy and the higher, the economy is not yet stable, and other issues. But we must remain optimistic, the project must still go and I stressed to members of REI project that has been launched to walk, “said Soelaeman to in Jakarta, Thursday (22/12).

To create business climate better property REI’ve got targets and work plans will be realized the next three years. Soelaeman claimed to have conducted a mapping issue and will be made matrix solution in detail and detail to make it more scalable.

Generally the problems faced is an old issue, among others, about zoning and planning, legal and licensing, banking and finance, and infrastructure growth. Soelaeman committed REI will work and concern to the problem. In addition REI will also be encouraging its members in the region more responsive to the external situation. This awareness is important because developers often associated with a third party.

“We will fully support both internally in the organization and externally with other parties. Disclosure of information and global investment should be seriously worked on, so we will make a special coordination meeting regularly with banks to detect obstacles that may exist, “he added.

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