DPP REI 2016-2019 Signed Integrity Pact

JAKARTA – Board administrators DPP Real Estate Indonesia (REI) 2016-2019 signed an integrity pact to smooth the target organization’s property developers, in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/12). On the other hand, the central committee also synergize local developers and banks.

“Management is sworn in Tuesday (20/12) reflects REI united. All the best potential are embraced and we invite to participate actively together for raising REI, this is a management cabinet Cabinet REI Forward Together, “said Soelaeman ‘Eman’ Soemawinata, chairman of the DPP REI, in its publication, in Jakarta, Wednesday (21/12 ).

He explained, the integrity pact is a form of commitment and readiness of the whole range of the board to work hard to bring REI become more authoritative organization. In addition, the benefit to members and the greater role the state and nation.

Eman will focus on seven pillars of priority: education and training, finance and banking, land, taxation, infrastructure, spatial as well as legal and licensing. Besides listening to the input of seniors, Eman also claimed to continuing to work with all stakeholders in the property including the continued support of Program Million Houses (PSR) that is being promoted by the government.

He claimed to have communicated with a number of relevant ministers including Minister PUPR, Minister Agrarian / Head of BPN, and the Ministry of Interior.

According to him, supported by the Secretary General Totok lucida, he was ready to help to overcome the obstacles of funding members in the area especially simple subsidized home developers. One way is to synergize the regional banks with national banks that already have experience in lending in the property sector.

Edo Rusyanto / EDO

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