Eco Future Architect So Demands, Jakarta – The development of increasingly dense population, needs huge resources, and a variety of other global problems requires all aspects of life must be overcome by a more creative and innovative. These include the fields of interior design and architecture of the building and the environment.

Urban Farming For Food Security

According to architect and author Prabham Wulung, amid pressure needs for food and energy world of the designers must think about the carrying capacity of the environment of any products and ideas produced. Sensitivity to ecology becomes an absolute thing that must be considered and implemented on a work.

“There should be awareness that the Earth is home disekarang and future. Act locally but think globally is the key to producing products that are grounded and directly beneficial to the environment, “he said during a discussion of the work of the Local Eco Architecture Exhibition in Jakarta, Thursday (22/12).

By recreating Local Space

Ordinary Space

exhibition was followed by Andi Pratama (ANDP architect), Aribowo D. Sukaton (ADS studio), Erick Budhi & Budiarti Prananingrum (BEstudio), Farrizky Astrawinata & Priyanto (Moreids), Michael J . Brohet (MJB architects), Noerhadi Kritz (RDMA), and Sigit Kusumawijaya (SIG architect & urbandesigner). Each work exhibited carries similarities message that is superior in terms of design, in context, but also environmentally friendly.

every architect a different approach in dealing with problems or limitations to obtain solutions appropriate architectural design. The use of local materials is also one way of carrying the eco architecture in terms of reducing carbon footprint. In essence, the application of Eco Local Architecture comprehensively.

“Each design is shown here open for discussion and are reviewed so that all parties can gain an understanding and new insights into the concept of eco wanting diterapkann on a building,” he concluded .

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