The late Mrs. King’s House Condition Monaco pathetic Banget Lho

Home late Grace Kelly, Philadelphia, United States (Rumah123 / Vox)

King of Monaco, Prince Albert II bought a house in the city of Philadelphia, United States. Monaco is a small European principality located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and into the French protectorate. The extent of only 2.2 square kilometers.

This house does look ordinary even in this house was once the residence of a famous artist in the 1950s, Grace Kelly.

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The house is located in the region of East Falls, Philadelphia. The house has six rooms were built by Grace’s father, John B. Kelly in 1929. Grace lived and grew up in this house.

Not only that, you know, Grace’s beautiful is also spoken by the King of Monaco, Prince Ranier III in this house.

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Later, Prince Ranier III and Grace Kelly married and became a royal couple and celebrity famous on the 1960s and 1980s. Unfortunately, Grace Kelly died in hospital Monaco on 14 September 1982 after a car accident the day before.

The couple was blessed with several sons and daughters. One is Prince Albert II succeeded his father on the throne now.

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By the way, it turns out, this house has been bought by the Prince Albert II at US 775 thousand (USD 10 billion) in September 2016 ago.

House prices have actually US $ 1 million (USD 13 billion) is currently marketed. However, the price was dropped after his condition is not good.

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In 2013, exactly a year after the house is getting status historic homes, state Pennsylvania had come to investigate the possibilities for this house to be a place of nesting animals.

However, lucky Kelly family when the house was saved by their grandson, King of Monaco, Prince Albert II.

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