Hmm, if Kayak School Gini Heck, Who Wants Bolos?

School Designed by Law Architects, Australia (Rumah123 / Dezeen)

Three small building is part of the additional facilities of Woodleigh School, junior high school (SMP) in Melbourne, Australia.

Woodleigh School has been standing since the 1970s ago. The school is located on an area of ​​20 hectares and close to the area of ​​nature conservation in Melbourne.

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Bureau of Australian architects, Law Architects design the addition of these three buildings are intended as a farm house for 70 students Woodleigh School.

Each building has a frame of wood and steel. This building has a lot of openings such as windows up to the ceiling.

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A number of tables, chairs, and couches laid out as a learning for students. So that the room is not insulated, then the architects use the curtains as room dividers. It is intended that there is a different background when making the learning process.

Law Architects want to shape the building is at the heart of student life and become a unique model of teaching and learning.

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“the room is set up to display the diverse forms of approach, challenging teaching and learning old and new,” says the design team from the architectural firm of Law architects as quoted by Dezeen .

“the students are challenged to learn to explore the building, making the choice of where and when they occupy the room, studying inside or outside,” continued the design team from the architectural firm of Law architects.

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this project won an award A + awards for elementary and middle schools in 2016. the competition was organized by Architizer. The competition was conducted to appreciate the architecture of the buildings in Australia.

How cool is that when you have a school like this? Male and female students can study comfortably and not fixated on learning patterns are rigid.

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Approximately there not yes school like this in Indonesia. If there is, just enter your sons and daughters into school like this.

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