Land Acquisition Fast Trains Already 82 Percent

JAKARTA, – PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk (Wika) as part of PT Kereta Quick Indonesia China (KCIC) has been conducting an investigation of land for a rail line along 140 kilometers.

Quick Train serving the Jakarta-Bandung was built starting next year.

“for land acquisition approach 90 percent, exactly above 82 percent,” said Director of Operations 1 Gandhira Velasquez during a press conference at the House of Wika, Jakarta, Thursday (22 this /12/2016).

Saat, Wika has completed earthworks and ground data collection.

completely free land in the area Qalini, Bandung. In the near future, stockpiling and earthwork will be included along the train line quickly.

“Next year we are targeting already started to work. We tetep be finished, just 3 years or 2019,” said Gandhira.

of the 140 kilometers long work fast train, Wika has investigated soil (soil investigation) to 300 points from 2,000 points.

for the implementation of the construction, according to Gandhira, Wika get the whole portion of the work up to 140 kilometers.

However, the structure is built not all, but only up to a pole and workmanship topmost be part of China.

in this case, the Chinese companies that have the greatest stake in KCIC is China Railway Corporation.

the portion of the shares of PT KCIC alone amounted to 40 percent of Chinese and 60 percent of Indonesia.

shareholding Indonesia involved in the consortium of four State Owned Enterprise, namely PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero), PT Wijaya Karya ( Persero) Tbk, PTPN VIII (Persero) and PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk ..

the composition of the investment in each PSBI Wijaya Karya 38 percent, KAI and PTPN VIII by 25 percent and amounted Jasa Marga 12 percent.


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