Jasa Marga: Photo Cisomang Crooked Bridge in Medsos “Hoax”

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Shifting Bridge Cisomang reported to have occurred since Thursday (12.22.2016) starting viral on social media (medsos).

photos circulating showing the bridge pole bent, and the body arched bridge.

in response, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk as the operator of the toll Purbaleunyi a bridge Cisomang is to make sure that the photo the bridge bustling medsos is not true.

“these photos are the result of edits persons irresponsible in its development potential to cause misunderstanding among the public, “wrote Jasa Marga in his official statement to Kompas.com, Friday (23/12/2016).

Cisomang Bridge photos that show severe crookedness ascertained Jasa Marga as a hoax or a fake.

Together with an official statement that, Jasa Marga also send photos teraktual Bridge Cisomang taken on December 23, 2016 at 15:00 pm.

as reported earlier, Bridges Cisomang shifting reach 53 centimeters due to ground movement at the bottom.

“So to bridge Cisomang been studied and researched in the field by the Commission Security Bridge and Tunnel Road (KKJTJ) there is a shift of 53 centimeters due to the movement of the ground beneath it,” Basuki said Minister PUPR Hadimuljono, in Jakarta, Friday (12/23/2016).

Jasa Marga Actual Condition Toll Bridge Cisomang in Purbaleunyi. Photo taken on Friday (12/23/2016) at 15:00 pm.

Therefore, Basuki then asked Jasa Marga and BPJT to limit vehicle traffic on the bridge Cisomang.

All heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses or vehicles non group I should not be over the bridge Cisomang, both from Jakarta to Bandung or otherwise.

“All the buses and trucks should avoid this bridge, for example from Jakarta wants to Bandung to be out in Sadang or Jatiluhur and entered in Padalarang. Instead of Bandung to Jakarta exit at Padalarang and sign in again probably in Sadang, “he added.



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