Ga Believe Kan, If There Colorful Christmas Trees?

Colorful Christmas Trees (Rumah123 / Elledecor)

It’s normal that meet Christmas tree with green leaves. Usually the Christmas tree on display is a pine tree with a green color.

So if there is a Christmas tree with leaf colors, whether leaf pine trees have changed color?

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Certainly, but through staining alias spray painted. Start Christmas 2016, some sellers of Christmas trees in the United States began selling pine tree native whose leaves had been sprayed with colors that vary.

Sellers Christmas tree, Jack Keilman Trees in Johnsontown, Pennsylvania stated that they use the process coloring undisclosed.

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Jack Keilman trees can color pine tree in accordance with orders ranging from dark blue, purple, until red.

Likewise with Battaglia Christmas Tree Farm in San Martin, California that provide the same coloring.

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Consumers can ask his favorite color including red there is a book with a combination of gold. Understandably if the buyer is a fan of American football club, the San Francisco 49ers.

According to the team of Jack Keilman Trees, coloring process requires temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius or more to add coloring on the leaves of trees.

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Jack Keilman trees also help ensure that the coloring helps the tree preserved after Christmas, New Year and beyond.

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