Average market Falling, At The Right Property Investment

Indonesia is the only ASEAN country which is a member of the G20 with the largest economic growth (4.9%) after China (6.6%) and India (7.6%). However, as predicted by the Asian Development Outlook repor t 2016, Indonesia’s economic growth is expected to be relatively lags behind several other Asean countries, namely Myanmar (8.4%), Cambodia (7%), Laos (6.8%), the Philippines (6.4%) and Vietnam (6%).

property Magazine Indonesia (MPI) issue in December 2016 to review a number of indicators, that now is the right time to invest property. It said Indonesia should be able to optimize the investment in the real sector. Even so, as a country that has a large perekononomian, the growth sectors of the economy had also been showing a rapid increase. One promising sector is the sector in which the property sector shortly get the government’s attention in its development.

Since the last three years the government began to fix and improve the infrastructure in various areas, such as; development of MRT and LRT in Jakarta, Fast Trains Bandung-Jakarta toll road Trans Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi, the development of Terminal 3 Ultimate Sukarno-Hatta Airport, expansion of Tanjung Priok Port and the development of the Airport and Seaport in several other cities.

in 2016, the government also tried to raise the property sector by imposing a tax amnesty program. lower the BI rate of 7.5% (Des 2015) to 6.5% (July 2016) to strengthen the Rupiah against the USD and increasing the size of loans KPR / KPA to 85% for the purchase of the first house, where previously only 70% (2 015).

the improvement in the economic and financial indicators are positive signals in general. However, the ongoing work needs to be maintained and continually improved since the property sector, at least in Jakarta itself as a barometer of the property in Indonesia. (Riz). MPI digital version can be accessed via: http://ift.tt/2ewFNxN. more practical and more economical.


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